Thursday, March 26, 2009

Premature Jockularity?

Oh boy.

Last year, when the Caps beat Florida in the last game of the regular season to win the team's first Southeast Division title since 2000-01, the team put commemorative t-shirts on sale right after the final horn, leading to a long line at the Verizon Center's large retail store.

This year, one local retailer is giving you a chance to beat the rush, selling the "Official Locker Room" shirt several days before the team can even get a chance to clinch the division.

While the Caps indeed clinched a playoff spot with Florida's implosion in Buffalo Wednesday night, they still have five points to win (or Carolina to lose) before they can safely claim the title.

However, this didn't stop Dick's in Sterling from jumping the gun and stocking these on the rack this morning:

So, before either they get pulled or end up as part of a large charitable donation to go with those New England Patriots 19-0 shirts, you can head down to Dulles Town Center to get a preview - or alternate view - of history.

One question though, are they selling these in Raleigh?



    Ha ha! That never gets old!

  2. good god, well I guess it's close enough to a clinch.

  3. I was definitely shocked to see them out there up front, as like you said, it's likely going to happen, but man, if they don't...

  4. Good stuff. I guess if it's all but guaranteed it's a good way for retailers to make some extra $$$. Especially if they are the only ones sells the shirt this early ;) We're all having a good laugh but it's probably a really smart marketing idea!

  5. Was just at DTC, the shirts are still for sale...


  6. Ha - yeah, I'm surprised, although I would venture to guess they're one of the only outlets selling them.

  7. Premature, yet fitting and slightly unsportsmanlike. Hey bruab, how many Cups do the Caps have again? That never gets old.