Saturday, April 25, 2009

New York Readies for Game 6

Up in Gotham, the natives aren't exactly sure to expect tomorrow afternoon from the home team, as following last night's drubbing at Verizon Center, there's a bit of uneasiness among Ranger fans heading into Game 6.

Talking to some Ranger fans around the city, they were still shaking their heads about how bizarre this series has been with some twists and turns, and if Alex Ovechkin will turn it on in the final two games to negate Henrik Lundqvist. The fans are certainly appreciative of the team's effort to push the Caps this far, but there's some unease if they will actually manage to push Washington over the cliff.

They're still a confident bunch, although Game 5 certainly wasn't a comforting scene as the Caps thoroughly dominated play Friday with New York getting a chance to end the series in five.

Of course, being New York, the Yankees' series against the Red Sox and the Jets trading up to draft USC quarterback Mark Sanchez in the first round was the big topic around town, with the Rangers and to some lesser extent, the Devils, being background noise in the crowded sports scene (fortunately, they pretty much ignored the Mets pounding the Nats again, dropping the local baseball franchise to 10 games below .500 just 16 games into the season).

Still, the 18,200 at Madison Square Garden figure to try to do their best to influence the game tomorrow, as they look for their club to advance to the second round for the third straight year, and also they don't want to see their club blow a 3-1 lead for the first time in their long history.

And now, with John Tortorella being suspended for his bottle-tossing ability, it certainly will put the MSG security on higher alert for some fans looking to take their frustrations out on the Capitals - although a couple of "fans" have already practiced their bottle-tossing in Game 3 during the last couple of minutes of Washington's 4-0 win.

And, even though Jim Schoenfeld has his infamous place in history, it'd be hard imagine he'd be rolling out the water-bottle throw as he goes solo behind the bench. But perhaps if the Caps hired Bryan Trottier in the next 12 hours, they could get a re-enactment from the last time Schoney was behind the bench during a Caps playoff series.

Still, it figures to be a wild scene at the Garden Sunday, and the Capitals will have to withstand both what figures to be an early surge from both the team and the crowd, with perhaps the balance of the series hinging on if New York can take the early lead... or if the Capitals can silence the crowd early with a goal of their own.

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  1. Which Caps team shows up determines this game - the no account game 2/4 team or the dominating game 5 team? Hank is a secondary issue in my opinion, as we've put up decent numbers on him in 3 of 5 games.

    The thing that really worries me is the Tortorella suspension. We don't need fans or players with any additional motivation or with a grudge.