Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Some Reason, Yanni Issues Statement

There have been a lot of weird twists and turns in the Capitals-Penguins series, but a rather infamous musician threw in his two cents Saturday about having an inadvertent role in the proceedings.

Thanks to Yanni's concert at Mellon Arena Tuesday, the Capitals and Penguins were forced to play back-to-back nights, as Game 6 is scheduled for Monday night in Pittsburgh. Of course, it worked out well for the Arena's tenant, as they were able to take both contests and put the Capitals on the brink of elimination before Yanni's following in the Steel City can go to the concert on Tuesday (an off day in between a possible Game 7 as well).

The musician didn't apologize for any inconvenience, just releasing a statement that according to TSN says:

"I empathize with the athletes competing in the NHL playoffs and understand the pressures under which they perform," and also thanks the Arena for "recognizing the importance of presenting the highest quality sports and entertainment to the fans of the city of Pittsburgh."

I'm sure you'll have a whole group of new fans in Washington, Yanni.

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