Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Season Tickets on Hold

Just over 18 months ago, as the Capitals played their last game under Glen Hanlon in front of an announced crowd of 11,669 at Verizon Center - and the actual numbers of that crowd attending the ugly pre-Thanksgiving Day loss to the Trashers were much lower in reality, it would have been hard to imagine how tough the tickets would get once the team responded to a chance behind the bench.

Well, the Capitals now have reached the point to where they are no longer selling season tickets and - borrowing a page from the Redskins - putting names on a new waiting list, according to owner Ted Leonsis' blog.

I am receiving many emails from folks frustrated that they can’t buy season tickets anymore from the Washington Capitals and that they have been forced onto a waiting list. We have had a higher than expected renewal rate from our season ticket base — we will finish I believe at over 96 percent renewal; and we sold a boat load of new season tickets for next season during the playoffs. We could sell out the building now for next season with just season ticket holders; but we do not think that is fair — we want to have tickets to sell to groups that were always loyal to us over the years and have single game tickets to sell to get new Caps fans into the building on a game by game basis. Thank you for understanding.

Even with the team holding back some tickets on a single-game basis, there still won't be a whole lot of tickets left to sell, meaning the team should be able to sell out all 41 home dates rather easily. Playoff tickets were tough for many fans this spring, and there won't be more than a few thousand tickets available at most for each home game.

It certainly is a nice change for all involved with the Caps that the team has had a renaissance in a short amount of time, both on the ice and at the gate.

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