Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ted Leonsis and the state of the Washington Capitals.

On Thursday afternoon I was listening to ESPN 980's "The Sports Fix" with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro. After taking questions about how Mike and Kyle Shanahan's handling of Donovan McNabb for the upteenth time, Sheehan teased a review of Capitals owner Ted Leonsis's interview on the team's website after a commercial break saying "you won't believe what Leonsis said."

Upon hearing this I couldn't wait to get home and listen to the interview and hear what Leonsis said that was so unbelievable.

I'm hear to report that Sheehan and Loverro need to stick to what they like talking about the most; the Redskins.

Leonsis simply stated that the he understands the fans anger and frustration with another early playoff exit as he too shares those feelings, but that he, the organization and the fans need to remain patient.

He mentioned how the team got younger last season with Marcus Johannson, John Carlson, Karl Alzner and Michael Neuvirth being brought up from the minors, and how the decision to switch to a more defensive minded system at mid-season was a good move for the organization.

He also stated that the one reaction from fans that has bothered him is the notion that the Capitals window of opportunity is closing.

I'm guessing this is what Sheehan felt was so "unbelievable", and if so it only proves how much Sheehan doesn't know about hockey.

The Capitals core group is still in its mid 20s and will probably stay that way for several more years as several players in the team's farm system expected to be brought up in the next year or two.

All four of the teams that are still playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs have a core that is older and more experienced then the Caps.

Leonsis, George McPhee and Bruce Boudreau have all stated publicly that they are frustrated with the current lack of playoff success and they want to find out why they have been unable to carry the team's regular season success into the playoffs.

Alex Ovechkin has even said he is going to find a new way to train this offseason because he feels the training regimen he has been following isn't properly preparing him for the rigors of the long season.

What else do any of these guys need to say?

The organization knows it has underachieved so far and they need to figure out why. However, local radio hosts like Sheehan insist that stating this is a slap in the face to the fans.

The only slap in the face is fans and media members constantly attacking an organization that has worked so hard to become currently the most competative of the four major franchise's in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

Radio hosts like Sheehan need to sit back and think about words uttered by George McPhee during HBO's 24/7 series leading up to this past years Winter Classic.

"When you're losing all the experts come out, and the fact of the matter is if any of them knew anything about the game they would be in it."

Well said, George.


  1. Look at McPhee and how he compares to his counterparts in the NHL. Gms that have had the number one pick, and how long it takes to build a winner. Those GMs have either won the cup, or since been fired.

    George McPhee is a terrible general manager. It is no secret that we have a lack of postseason success.

    The stats don't lie in this case. The fact that he has had a job so long is the amazing part.

    this man has won only one thing since being the GM of the Caps, the 2004 draft lottery. The shocking thing is, unlike his counterparts, he cannot put the pieces together.

  2. I think McPhee has proven his ability as a General Manager. The Caps have won six division titles since he took over and have made one appearance in the Finals. Granted the Finals apppearance was 13 years ago, and the top three seeds were knocked out in the first round.

    However, I do think he has a vision that will come to fruition one day.

  3. The author of this blog is a sucker. Leonsis is nothing but a flim flam man, spinning and trying to divert attention from the real issue. Which is that the team has been mismanaged, is poorly put together and is going nowhere. Keep spinning Teddy Boy. You'll always have some lackey ready to lap it up.

  4. Remain patient, yep, that's the answer. As for GMGM, dude went to one Cup finals with a team he didn't build. That was Polie's team. Since he dismantled that team he has done nothing. We have had such great hires as Cassidy and Hanlon. Keep a rockin GMGM.

    Yea, we have won all those Soutleast division titles. Yea, we won some dumb Presidents Trophey. Yea, we won the Eastern Conference Regular Season title. All that has got us is 1st round and done, 2nd round and done, 1st round and done and 2nd round and done. We are 1-3 in games 7's, ALL AT HOME. We are the first #1 seed to be up 3 games to 1 and lose. We are the first #1 seed to get swept in either the 1st or 2nd round.

    This is a regular season team that folds when the going gets tough. They are mental midgets just like the owner. When the going got to tough for Ted, he choked a fan. When the going gets to tough for Ted, he attacks fans in his blog. When the going gets to tough for Ted, he bans posters on message boards. When the going gets tough for Ted he revokes peoples season tickets. Ted is a joke as owner.

    The holes on this team have been known for years and GMGM has failed to address them. Yes, the window is closing. All those "young guys" will be coming up for contracts, Ted thinks he can sign them all and still be under the cap?

    Ted is worried about one thing and one thing only, sellouts. 160 and counting (he lets you know that every chance he gets) Next year he'll have the standing room only tickets sold. I imagine soon we'll see people up in the catwalks.

    Ted, long time Cap fans ain't buying the garbage you are selling. What 5 year plan are you working on now? In the time that you have owned the team, Pittsburg has been to the Cup twice. Chicago won. Tampa has won (and just swept you out of the playoffs in Stevie Y's first year as GM) Carolina has won. Teams rebuild since you have owned the Caps and advance further then you have. I've cancelled my season tickets after 10 years. It's to much time and money invested for the same old garbage. People are catching on and you are starting to get called out. But handle it the way you always do, lash out

  5. Look at how long it took the Canucks to get to the Finals with the Sedin's. Yes, they've had to make adjustments and tweak their roster, but the overall point is sometime's this stuff takes time. Not every team does it quickly like the Pens and Blackhawks did.

  6. Yes, it does take time. The problem is, the Canucks salary is manageable while the Caps isn't. The Caps have over $28 million tied up in Ovy, Green, Backis and Semin. While the Canucks have just over 21 million tied up in their 4 best players. There are deep rotted issues with the Caps but Teddy boy gets to hide behind them.

    Because of the that money tied up into 4 players the Caps depth players consist of Tyler Sloan, Brian Fahey etc. etc career AHLers. The Canucks have 8 legitmate d-men. A beast as a 2nd line center in kesler (We have Brooks "I can change a tire" Laich. A quote machine so lets give him 4 million a year) Major, major flaws with this Caps team but Ted can hide behind 160 straight sellouts (He lets us know every chance he gets) or if that doesn't work, choke the messenger, revoke his season tickets or attack him in his blog.

  7. Yea, the Canucks salary cap situation is def better then the Caps, but by the end of the season our depth on defense had gotten better. I agree bringing up Sloan and Fahey is pretty bad, though.

  8. Brooks Laich isn't the Caps second line center. He's the second line left wing. For the majority of the season the second line center was Matt Perreault whom most Caps fans seemed to be happy with. I said midway through the season he will never be an NHL regular, and acquiring Jason Arnott proved that. Arnott's initial production had def tailed off by the end of the season, though. I'm curious how this guy they just signed from Sweden will do. He's def got the size and had the production in the Swedish Elite League that a second line center needs to have.