Monday, July 18, 2011

Really? Really? Really?

So, when I got home from work tonight I decided to check to see if any new interesting articles had been posted. As usual, Katie Carrera had posted a few new entries on Capitals Insider, so I decided to take a look and see what new updates she was giving us.

Her first post was an interview with George McPhee in which GMGM expressed his satisfaction with the offseason moves the Capitals have made so far, and said if the organization doesn't make any more moves he would be happy with the roster as currently constructed.

As usual the thread undernearth Carrera's post was filled with comments, many of them insulting to McPhee.

There was one that stuck out in my mind, and is the prime motivation for my entry tonight. One fan suggested the Caps trade Alex Semin, and Mike Green to the Los Angeles Kings for Drew Doughty, and maybe Dustin Brown if the Kings were willing to give him up.

This is actually an interesting proposition that would never happen and here's why. Obviously, a Green for Doughty swap would be a win for the Caps as Doughty is a much better defender then Green, and the Caps also have Dennis Wideman and John Carlson on the roster who are more than capable of quarterbacking the power play. Wideman and Carlson manning the points would give the power play two player who are capable of handling the puck and potentially improving the pp's zone time. How many times last season did we all watch Ovie let the puck get passed him and cost the team prescious zone time?

However, the trade won't happen and here's why. Though Green and Semin possess more natural skill then Doughty and Brown a swap of these four players would be a step back for the Kings.

Los Angeles has rebuilt itself into a defense first hard checking team, and as much as I love Sasha and Greenie those two terms don't exactly stick out when you think of them.

Also, a Semin for Brown swap would strip the Kings of one of there best forwards for a guy you can't count on for a consistent effort one game to the next.

Now, having said that I don't think McPhee can trade, or release Semin unless he knows for sure that he has someone who can fill the scoring void that Semin would leave. As much as a I agree Semin should go, you can't get rid of a player his caliber without a backup plan, and a second line of Troy Brouwer, Marcus Johansson and Brooks Laich will not fill the scoring void left by Semin.

Though it's a trade I would most certainly endorse, it's also a trade that Dean Lombardi would never agree to because he and anyone else with any hockey knowledge knows who would come out on the better side.

But, if McPhee were able to pull it off, I wonder how many of the naysayers would change their tune?

Since Lombardi isn't an idiot, I guess we'll never know.


  1. Good points, and I agree. The Kings wont go for this. And I agree with what you are saying, our second line without Semin would be weak and wouldnt produce the goals we will get with Semin in the lineup. If we give up Semin we need someone who can step up and fill his spot and produce the O he does. Hopefully on a more consistent basis.

  2. Yea, Lombardi would be nuts to make this trade, though I would certainly support it, haha.