Friday, August 19, 2011

Maximum of 12 Capitals games to be broadcast exclusively across NBC and VERSUS

NBC, which will operate under a flexible schedule for seven of the network’s regular-season dates, has chosen five dates from the Washington schedule for potential national coverage, the network announced today as the NHL released its national broadcast schedules. VERSUS will broadcast at least 10 Washington Capitals games to a national television audience in 2011-12. Washington will have the maximum of 12 nationally exclusive games on NBC and VERSUS.

In addition to the broadcast schedule the Capitals announced five time changes from the original schedule: Nov. 1 vs. Anaheim (7:30 p.m.), Feb. 13 vs. San Jose (7:30 p.m.), Feb. 20 at Carolina (7:30 p.m.), March 4 vs. Philadelphia (7 p.m.) and April 2 at Tampa Bay (7 p.m.).

NBC will have the option to select from five Washington Capitals games via their NBC/VERSUS flex scheduling. VERSUS will broadcast at least 10 Capitals games, six exclusively and four non-exclusively. NHL Network will carry 15 Capitals contests, while 12 games will be televised nationally in Canada on CBC (seven games) and TSN (five games).

NBC has the option to select from the following flex schedule games: Jan. 22 at Pittsburgh, Feb. 12 at New York Rangers, March 18 at Chicago, March 25 vs. Minnesota and April 7 at New York Rangers. The games not selected by NBC will be broadcast on VERSUS on a non-exclusive basis.

VERSUS will feature the Capitals at least 10 times this season, six of which will be exclusive, nationally broadcast games. The network, which will be re-named “NBC Sports Network” on Jan. 2, will broadcast the following games exclusively: Dec. 28 vs. New York Rangers, Jan. 11 vs. Pittsburgh, Jan. 31 at Tampa Bay, Feb. 5 vs. Boston, Feb. 13 vs. San Jose and March 4 vs. Philadelphia. The following dates are non-exclusive VERSUS broadcasts: Oct. 10 vs. Tampa Bay, Nov. 1 vs. Anaheim, Feb. 20 at Carolina and April 2 at Tampa Bay.

NHL Network will carry 15 Capitals contests this season: Oct. 13 at Pittsburgh, Oct. 20 at Philadelphia, Oct. 22 vs. Detroit, Nov. 11 at New Jersey, Nov. 12 vs. New Jersey, Nov. 25 vs. New York Rangers, Dec. 1 vs. Pittsburgh, Jan. 13 vs. Tampa Bay, Feb. 18 at Tampa Bay, Feb. 25 at Toronto, March 8 vs. Tampa Bay, March 10 at Boston, March 22 at Philadelphia, March 29 at Boston and March 31 vs. Montreal.

In addition to the national broadcasts in the United States, 12 Capitals games will be televised nationally in Canada. CBC will televise seven Capitals games: Oct. 15 vs. Ottawa, Oct. 29 at Vancouver, Nov. 19 at Toronto, Dec. 3 vs. Ottawa, Feb. 4 at Montreal, Feb. 25 at Toronto and March 31 vs. Montreal. TSN will televise five Washington games: Oct. 27 at Edmonton, Dec. 7 at Ottawa, Jan. 18 at Montreal, Feb. 22 at Ottawa and Feb. 24 vs. Montreal.

Washington’s local broadcast schedule will be released in the near future.

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